In the Pharmacy

When the word “prevention”, meaning controlling lifestyle and nutrition, becomes a valuable diagnostic support for the enhancement of quality of life: the cell membrane lipidomic analysis fatpharmacy®.


▪︎ What fatpharmacy can do:

If disorders and conditions that affect the well-being and quality of life occur, the fatpharmacy® analysis allows to evaluate the individual status of cellular health, using a comprehensive panel of molecular indicators derived from the membrane of the mature red blood cell.


  • Snapshot of the cell health, controlling the functional balance of the membrane, in particular of the fatty acid components, which are important players in the molecular control of the overall body balance;
  • Evidence of molecular markers of lipid type, important to maintain specific cellular properties and functions;
  • Providing of customized indication useful to the Pharmacist in order to suggest the personalized nutraceuticals;

Knowing today what the cell needs is important for the health of today and tomorrow.

▪︎ When fatpharmacy is suggested:

  • In pregnancy or breast-feeding, to ensure the right nutritional-metabolic balance to the mother and the newborn;
  • In the case of recurring problems, such as fatigue, stress, depression without correlation with a health condition, seasonal allergy, skin or respiratory problems with the weakness of the immune system, overweight or metabolic slowness;
  • Manifestation of the following discomforts: metabolic (e.g.. high cholesterol or triglycerides), neurological (e.g.. in mood or memory disorders) and inflammatory (e.g.. joint pain or bowel problems); also useful for cardiovascular prevention.
  • In sport at a professional or amateur levels for an innovative molecular check-up for improving performance;
  • When taking omega-3, omega-6 fatty acid supplements (fish oils, flaxseed oil, borage oil, etc.) and it is necessary to make the appropriate and functional integration.

▪︎ Where and how fatpharmacy works:

The lipidomic analysis fatpharmacy is available, only in Italy, in Pharmacies and pharmacy-like places, where trained and selected professionals are specialized in lipidomics.

It is required to fill out a questionnaire with medical history and dietary habits, to perform an auto-blood withdrawal from the finger (500 microliters / 20 drops), that can be performed directly in the Pharmacy.

The material needed to perform the analysis is contained in a single-use kit, available in Pharmacy. Fasting not necessary before analysis.

A dedicated courier will hand over the sample to the lipidomic laboratory authorized ASL (Health Aut. PG 263274 08/11/2012), where the analysis will be carried out by a reliable and repeatable analytical protocol with an automated procedure by a robotics (exclusive by Lipinutragen).

scatola fatpharmacy

▪︎ The fatpharmacy analysis result:

Lipinutragen will send, at most within 10 working days, the report referring to the Pharmacist, who will contact the customer for delivery and discussion of fatpharmacy analysis results.

▪︎ The rebalancing plan after the analysis:

Thanks to fatpharmacy lipidomic analysis, the cell membrane molecular condition is established.
When the analysis shows an unbalance, it is important to start and follow the customized rebalancing plan, lasting 4 months. The plan consists of dietary suggestions for a healthier choice of foods, and if necessary the Pharmacist will suggest a customized nutraceutical supplementation. The customized rebalancing plan is not a substitute for the medical care, advice or treatment prescribed by a Doctor.

The Pharmacist, a specialist in cell membrane lipidomics, is the molecular consultant and the only contact person for the fatpharmacy service. After receiving the result of the lipidomic analysis, the Client will be guided by the trusted Pharmacist towards a path of rebalancing and / or maintaining a personalized cellular balance. A monthly meeting with the Pharmacist is recommended in order to give feedback on the path taken and any needs / explanations. Only in this way will the Pharmacist be able to support the Client in improving the quality of life.